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Know The Employment Equity Regulations  (g-stockstudio/Getty Images)
World's Highest Paid Models Revealed
15 Sports Stars Who Went Into Business
The World's Top Oil Producing Countries
15 Biggest Recent Sovereign Defaults
  • 15 Biggest Recent Sovereign Defaults

    Argentina has fallen into its second default in 13 years, after talks between the South American country and creditors in the US broke down. Though the outcome is currently unclear, it’s certainly not the first time a country has defaulted on major debts, not the biggest. We run down the biggest defaults of recent years...

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What The Law Says About Social Media
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You and Your Business
  • Retired Couple  Rex Features Help Retirees To Save And Grow Your Brand

    More and more South African companies are offering retirees some form of financial relief...

  • Online  Anatoliy Babiy\Getty Images Fresh Content Ideas For Your Online Presence

    Many small business owners perform the role of maintaining their enterprise’s online presence, which generally includes the website or blog, and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Customer Service   Getty Images Customer Service 101

    Perhaps I’m just getting grouchier but on the whole it seems as though the level of customer service in South Africa is going from dismal to downright appalling...

  • Thinking  Tomas Rodriguez Corbis Increase Your Productivity

    No one person can do everything, and understanding how to pick your tasks is a key step towards making the best use of your time. Make these choices second nature before starting your tasks to make 2014 one of the most productive yet.

  • partnerships business  REX. WestEnd61 Identify And Build Great Partnerships

    This article takes a general look at partnerships in business and the impact they have on both parties.

  • employment equity   .c. JGI.Jamie Grill.Blend Images Know The Employment Equity Regulations

    The implications of the newly amended Employment Equity Act are far-reaching, but not a cause for hand-wringing. Business owners can ensure compliance in their organisations.​

  • metrics  Erik Tham. Corbis Metrics That Count Versus Vanity Metrics

    Start-ups would be better off reporting real metrics from the start. Vanity metrics can catch up to them, especially if those numbers do not correspond to the real numbers.

  • Accountant or bookkeeper   Image Broker. Rex Features The Difference Between An Accountant And A Bookkeeper

    Remember, running a successful business is about allocating resources efficiently and your time is gold! So when you need help to take your business to the next level, who do you call on? A bookkeeper or an accountant? And what is the difference between the two?



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Bizarre Business
  • Sting  FilmMagic. Getty Images Sting Cuts Kids Out Of R3 Billion Will

    Rock legend Sting has announced that he won't be leaving his riches to his children, as he feels they would only be "albatrosses around their necks.'

  • Students Find Money In Couch  ASSOCIATED PRESS Students Find R500K In Their Couch

    What would you do if you bought a second-hand couch and found R500 000 stuffed inside it? Three roommates in America were faced with just that moral dilemma recently...

  • Man Throws Away Winning Lottery Tickets  Associated Press Man Throws Out $1.25m Lottery Tickets

    A US citizen residing in Pennsylvania accidentally threw out lottery tickets worth $1.25 million between them after he read the numbers incorrectly, the New York Daily News reported.

  • Man Fakes Deaths For R4.2 Million  Wikimedia Commons Man Fakes Deaths For R4.2 Million

    A former Australian funeral director has this week been accused of faking deaths for large insurance pay-outs totalling R4.2 million.