22 June 2012 07:01 AM
10 Happiest Jobs

Change Careers to be Happy!

Operational Engineer (© Gallo Images)
  • Operational Engineer (© Gallo Images)
  • 9. Financial Services Sales Agents (© Gallo Images)
  • 8. Psychiatrist (© Gallo Images)
  • 7. Artist (© Gallo Images)
  • 6. Teacher (© Gallo Images)
  • 5. Special Education Teachers (© Gallo Images)
  • 4. Author (© Gallo Images)
  • 3. Physical Therapist (© Gallo Images)
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The University of Chicago's General Social Survey of the National Organisation for Research found the jobs that make people the happiest are either geared towards social interaction, allow autonomy, or involve labour-intensive work. Here are the ten jobs that make people the happiest!

10. Operational Engineer

Operational engineers are usually involved with heavy machinery, but their job are highly social and lots of fun!


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