Woman in bikini(Gallo Images)

A Miami woman was desperate to be more curvaceous and decided to search for someone who could rectify her problem through cheap plastic surgery. But the person she found to do the surgery injected her buttocks with cement, tyre-filler and super-glue.

The woman in question found one Oneal Ron Morris, a woman - who was born a man - posing as a doctor. According to the Daily Telegraph, Morris performed the surgery on herself, as can be seen in police photos where she shows off her large buttocks.

The victim found Morris through a friend, and paid US$700 for the surgery in May 2010. A type of tube was injected in several sites around the victim's bottom, and the sites were pumped full of the concoction mentioned above. It was painful, but Morris apparently reassured the victim, saying, "Oh, don't worry, you'll be fine. We just keep injecting you with the stuff and it all works itself out."

The victim went to hospital twice after she began suffering from abdominal pain and sores on her bottom. She also had symptoms resembling flu, but became too embarrassed to tell doctors about the surgery.

Eventually, her mother took her to hospital and alarmed doctors discovered what she had done. Miami Gardens Police Sergeant Bill Bamford told the Telegraph, "The doctors knew no licensed physician in his right mind would ever do this."

The victim is recovering in hospital, but doctors are concerned that other victims are also too embarrassed to come forward.