George Washington // George Washington(Wikimedia Commons)

United States of America past President George Washington

Rebekah Speight from Dakota City auctioned the McNugget on eBay, and managed to receive a total of $8,100, all because part of the nugget resembles one of the USA's presidents, George Washington.

SFGate reported that, according to the Sioux City Journal, bidding ended on Monday. Rebekah is certainly pleased with the money raised, as she was collecting funds to send 50 children to a summer church camp.

Speight and her children went to a McDonald's restaurant three years ago. The left-over McNugget was about to be thrown away when she noticed its resemblance to the President. She's had it stashed in her freezer since.

Although her auction was initially closed because it violated terms about expired food, eBay decided they would allow it because of her fundraising cause.

Speight only needs another $6,900 towards the fundraising - perhaps she's hoarding a McDonald's pattie resembling Benjamin Franklin somewhere in her freezer, too.