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As your business expands you will find it more difficult to do things like paperwork and other duties around the office like answering the phone all the time. This is most likely to mean that it is time you hire help in the form of a personal assistant. However, it is not as easy as just hiring anyone. You will need to take various things into consideration before hiring the person who will suit your needs.

Set out a job description
Clearly set out a job description of the duties you will require your personal assistant to carry out.These duties will be tailored to your needs in order to free up more time for you and to ensure that daily tasks are carried out successfully.

Selecting the candidate
When selecting the candidate you will need to carefully sift through CV's and cover letters and eliminate the candidates who you deem not to be suited to the job. Select the experienced candidates, however, do not rule out recent graduates.

Arrange an interview
Set up and interview with the short listed candidates. You can use a first interview to analyse a candidates personality. It will also give you a chance to see if the actual resume matches with the person you are interviewing.

Narrow the list down
You will need to come up with a final shortlist of candidates. Often it is useful to get a partner, employee or colleague to give you feedback. In the second interview you will discuss salary, hours and benefits of the job in more detail.

Hiring the suitable candidate
Once you have selected someone to fill the position, you can hire them on a probation period. Employing a personal assistant is similar to starting a new relationship, until you start working together you won't know if your styles gel or not.