People at the Hug Me machine // Hug Me(Screenshot from Daily Telegraph)

A couple give Coca-Cola's Hug Me machine a hug to get their free drink.

According to Australia's Daily Telegraph, Coca-Cola's latest marketing gimmick in Singapore needs its customers to hug it before it will respond. The aim of the campaign is to tap into the generation of Eastern youth who look down upon Singapore's culture of emotion denial.

The buzz word for the installation is "gesture-based marketing", and the machine needs to be hugged before it releases that sugary Coke - it's also free as part of the company's marketing efforts.

The Hug Me machine is only the latest in the company's recent bid to show that it is self-aware: it is the number social marketer in the world, and also has cutting-edge designer Jean-Paul Gaultier on its payroll.

We think they should have at least made the machine a little cuddlier...

Image: Screenshot from Daily Telegraph