Roadside filling station at Woodside, Utah // Roadside filling station at Woodside, Utah(Tricia Simpson,Wikimedia Commons)

The roadside filling station at Woodside, Utah

A town three hours out of Salt Lake City is being sold for $3.9 million, and lovers of the cowboy's way of life will be very interested to know it includes its own gold mine and a geyser. We speculate it also includes infamous criminals.

The town is called Woodside, and it was a water stop for steam engines back in the 1900s. Several hundred people used to stay in the city, but now only two people stay there, and the sale also includes two llamas.

Now, don't get too excited about the Roadside Geyser, which is included in the price: it doesn't shoot 75 feet up in the air anymore after it was vandalised a few years ago; this is probably one of the reasons the town is no longer a tourist stop.

What would you do with your own Wild West town? Well, real estate agent Mike Metzger told that the property has a lot of potential for someone who has "an entrepreneurial, Wild West spirit."

He said, "You can be the sheriff, the judge and executioner of your own town".

That lucky Wild West lover will have to have a lot of cash on hand, and also the spirit of a lone ranger...we doubt anyone else would want to play at a Wild West game in the middle of nowhere.

Wild West Land, anybody?