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The Sleek iPad 2

Xinhua News reported that the trial concluded on Friday, and the defendants included the surgeon who allegedly took out the 17-year-old's kidney and eight others who helped him to procure the kidney.

The teen, who was only identified as Wang, allegedly sold his kidney for about $3,500. When his mother asked where he got the money to purchase the Apple goods, he confessed.

The surgeon, a Dr Son Zhongyu from a hospital in Yunan province received just over $8,000 for the kidney, while Su Kaizong, a contractor of the hopsital's urology department received about $9,500. The kidney was allegedly transplanted to a recipient in April.

Wang later suffered from renal failure, and his attorney is suing for an estimated $356,000.

According to NBC News, Apple products are exceedingly popular in China, but the average worker cannot afford them because of their price tag.