19 July 2012 07:07 AM | By Duncan Jefferies
The Most Successful Kickstarter Projects

What is Kickstarter?

What is Kickstarter? (© Kickstarter)
  • What is Kickstarter? (© Kickstarter)
  • Ouya video game console (© Ouya)
  • Pebble E-Paper Watch (© Pebble Technology)
  • The Order of the Stick (© Rich Burlew)
  • Elevation dock (© Casey Hopkins)
  • Double Fine Adventure (© Double Fine and 2 Player Productions)
  • Wasteland 2 (© inXile entertainment)
  • Shadowrun Returns (© Harebrained Schemes)
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Finding financial backers for your pet project used to be a chore. But thanks to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, you can now raise funds from millions of people in exchange for various perks, such as a free copy of the album or game you want to produce.

The amounts donated by individuals range from a few dollars to tens of thousands. In total almost $275 million has been pledged since the site launched in 2009, with around 63,000 projects posted on the site. Since February this year, eight of them have even managed to smash the $1 million barrier... read on to find out what they're all about.


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