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The Stars' Most Excessive Expenses


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Bono has always fancied his hats. Next to his trademark wraparound shades, they seem to be the accesories for which he feels the most affection. So much so, according to the Sun, that he once forked out about ten thousand bucks to have his favorite trilby flown in a first class seat from England to Italy, so that he could wear it at a gig. Yes, you guessed it, a charity gig.

According to the paper, Bono forgot the hat ahead of a performance with Luciano Pavarotti to raise money for victims of the war in Iraq, and refused to go onstage without it. In his defence, Bono no doubt raised enough money at the concert to fly thousands of hats to various destinations across the globe.

Above, Bono settles for a simple bandana while visiting with children at the Kampala school in Uganda.


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